Announcing: AFTERWRITTEN.COM + New Blog Design!

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Well, if you've been on my blog since Tuesday night, you'll have noticed that... things are looking quite different around here! I MOVED TO SELF-HOSTED. AND I SPENT SOME TIME LABOURING OVER A SWANKY NEW DESIGN. I'm not really a design whiz or anything, so I just used the lovely and simple Tiny Forge theme and did a bit of messing around of my own and VOILA. HERE WE GO.

If you're poking around my blog and you see any parts of the new design which aren't working for you or which look kinda odd, please tell me! I'll probably continue to make small tweaks here and there. Especially to the navigation bar, which I haven't had time to customise yet.

I'd been wondering whether to move to self-hosted ever since I realised the limitations of a blog after moving from Blogger. I really liked how much cleaner is compared to Blogger, but I definitely had way more freedom with Blogger for the same price of nothing! I was first inspired by Cayce's move, and then I came across a few amazing blog designs, like Charlotte's and Meg's in particular, both of which really sparked the desire in me to be able to fiddle around with my own blog again and create something more unique-looking. (And both designs lent me some inspiration for my design, so thank you! Although your designs are both way more gorgeous than mine, obviously.) So. I did it. I moved!

So, thank you to all of you for reading my blog and for being so awesome! I LOVE YOU ALL. PLEASE CONTINUE BEING AWESOME. <3

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15 thoughts on “Announcing: AFTERWRITTEN.COM + New Blog Design!

  1. Love the design! And yay for you deciding to self-host! :) It's all so pretty!

    A tweak you might want to make; I noticed when starting this comment, the "Name", "Email" and "Website" fields no longer tell which is supposed to be which. I think I've got it right from commenting recently, but new commenters might get a bit confused. Any way you can make the fields more obvious?
    Jo recently posted Discussion: Why the UKYA Blogging Community is So Awesome

    1. Post author

      Thank you, Jo! <3

      When the fields are empty, there should be a placeholder in each field that tells you what you should put in each field. If you just delete what you've already got in each field then you should be able to see the placeholder. (I've checked this in multiple browsers so it should work! Tell me if that's incorrect.) Some other blogs do this as well and I personally like it because it looks a bit less clunky and unless the placeholders aren't working then it should be perfectly fine.

  2. Ah I love your design, it's so pretty and I like the white backgroudn combines with those colours you choose. And your logo with the feather and the sword is so well done!

    I switched to self-hosting a year back and while it's hard at first I never regretted making the move.
    Lola recently posted Lola’s Ramblings: Household chores

    1. Post author

      I have to admit I didn't design the logo! I found it as a free vector on Freepik and it struck me immediately and inspired the rest of my design. Thank you so much! <3 Yeah, I found it a bit confusing to start with but it's so great having your own website. :)

  3. Congrats again on the move!! And yay, I was an INSPIRATION. Hehe~ I absolutely love WordPress and being self-hosted (though I have a bunch of things I have yet to/want to do... it's so much more work than blogging on Blogger). Hope you'll enjoy your new "home", too :)

    And that header!! So pretty <3
    Cayce recently posted Lost in Translation…

    1. Post author

      Thank you Cayce! <3 YOU WERE DEFINITELY AN INSPIRATION. I wouldn't have known where to start if you hadn't made that post asking about hosts and stuff like that. I love it too! It was all a bit confusing to start with but it was like going on a mini-adventure, haha.

      THANK YOU <3

  4. So I already yelled at you over on Twitter, but -- CONGRATS AGAIN ON GOING SELF-HOSTED!!!

    Yup, WordPress is definitely much better than Blogger. I mean, I like that you can customize your blog a lot even using Blogger for free (while is so limited I feel like kicking my foot through my computer in frustration), but WP has so many less bugs and problems and overall just looks a lot more professional. And of course, nothing beats

    And eeeep, YOU LIKE MY BLOG DESIGN. <3 This post just made my day. I'm glad it managed to inspire you! I think you're being way too hard on yourself because your design is pretty damn gorgeous as well. Loving the colors and the header especially. <3

    Enjoy your new freedom, Cynthia~!
    megan // adrift on vulcan recently posted About Me — in GIFs! :1

    1. Post author

      Thank you so much, Meg!! <3

      Yeah, the thing I liked most about over Blogger was its comment system. God, Blogger comments suck so hard. I still don't understand why that comment system can be so awful. But in general did just look a lot better! BUT I WAS SO SAD IT WAS SO UNCUSTOMISABLE. There's nothing I like more than fiddling around and customising things. So yeah. I had to move.

      OF COURSE I LOVE YOUR BLOG DESIGN. It's the coolest thing I've ever seen! It's so unique among blog designs. Sometimes I go on your blog just to stare at how pretty it is. <3

      Thank you again! You're very sweet to me! <3

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