Top Ten Book-Related Problems I Have

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  1. When good books have ugly covers. This makes me so sad when it happens. I want books that are amazing to also have amazing covers! I do judge books by their covers so sometimes I just think about how there might be all these great books out there with ugly covers that I'll just never read because I wouldn't touch those covers with a ten foot pole.
  2. The opposite is also terrible: when books I don't like have gorgeous covers. This also makes me sad because THE BOOK DECEIVED ME WITH ITS BEAUTIFUL COVER. HOW DARE IT.
  3. Hardcovers. ): ): Why. They're big and clunky and heavy to carry around. They're expensive. And when books have hardcovers you always have to wait ages for paperbacks to come out. Thankfully most of the time these days you can get ebooks but when a book only has hardcover and no Kindle edition??? I'm just like WHYYYYYYYYYY. Admittedly hardcovers can also be super pretty which also just adds to the problem. I want them and I can't have them.
  4. Related to #3, why do some books never seem to get paperbacks at all???
  5. When I notice a book is on sale and I think about whether to buy it and I decide not to because although I'm kinda interested in the book, I'm not 100% sure about it. And then later my interest for the book surges but it's not on sale anymore. ;____;
  6. Related to #5, this is why more often that not when I notice a book I'm kinda interested in is on sale, I buy it. Then I realise that I'm only still kinda interested in the book and there are too many other books I want to read way more. So all these books that I bought just sit around waiting forever, gathering dust. Oops. At least they were on sale?
  7. I don't actually have a permanent bookshelf for my books – I move house a lot and I live in quite small flats with very little space for anything, so when I finish reading a physical copy of the book, I either bring it back to Hong Kong to put it in a cardboard box to store away, or I give it away to someone else. I really wish I could just keep all my beautiful books on a shelf forever to stare at them adoringly and also so I can take nice pictures of my bookshelf and books, but alas. I will have to wait until I graduate uni and get a job and live somewhere more permanent.
  8. I forget what happens in a book way too quickly. This is partly the reason why I wanted to start a book blog, because I thought writing reviews might help me remember what happens in a book more easily. But nope. I read back on reviews I wrote last year and I'm like... I BARELY EVEN REMEMBER READING THIS BOOK?? This happens even with books I claim to really love and give five stars to. Even just a couple months later I'm like... Er. Why did I give five stars to this?
  9. Related to #8, I keep looking at my past ratings and wanting to change them, probably because I forget so easily what made me love a book so much or even just like it. I know that no one would really care about my ratings so long after the fact but for some reason I care.
  10. Finding the time to read. This is a problem I'm sure we all share. I just wanna read allllll the books. ): ):
What book-related problems do you have? Do you share any of mine? Feel free to link me to your TTTs!

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Book-Related Problems I Have

  1. 1/2, so true! I sometimes see books that sound amazing, but when I look at the cover it takes away some of my enthusiasm.. And sometimes I don't like a book, but the cover is so pretty and I just want to own it for that reason.
    9. A while ago I changed a lot of ratings. It didn't feel right to me and I want my ratings to be on spot, so if it bothers you I would go ahead and change it!
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted Frozen book tag.

  2. Pretty interesting list! :)
    I totally get your point about the hardcovers. I mean, they are usually super pretty yes, but they are also incredibly expensive, and a pain to carry around! Very annoying!
    Also, with your ninth point, I can see what you mean. I have actually gone back a time or two and changed a rating, because I didn't feel like the one I initially gave, was the one that the book should have.
    And finding the time to read - maybe on of the biggest problems of all!
    Lisa recently posted Top Ten Tuesday || Bookish problems I have

    1. Post author

      Yes, hardcovers are a pain to carry around and I'm the type who likes carrying a book everywhere I go. Although nothing is as convenient as an ereader for that, haha.

      Yeah, I went back and changed some past ratings on Goodreads recently but I'm not sure anyone really cares about them, haha. I flipped back and forth so much between 4 and 4.5 stars when I rated Illusions of Fate, after the post when up I was still constantly changing it for like ten minutes. I'm ridiculous.

  3. PAST RATINGS. YES. Everything I read and rate is relative to the previous book I read, so I feel like it's not accurate? I don't think I could EVER have a rating system set in stone for rating books, IT'S SO HARD
    Valerie recently posted Top Ten Tuesday #44

    1. Post author

      Yeah, I feel like I do that as well, make everything relative to the previous book I read! It's a really terrible habit haha. Whenever I finish a really good book I'm like, well shit, I'm afraid to read anything else now. I feel like I just rate books on a whim sometimes. I really don't understand it.

  4. I struggle with some of the same problems. I think hardcovers are better than paperbacks, but my wallet does not. Along with that, I hate how a lot of covers are deceiving. I have not learned to stop judging books by their covers, and I probably never will.
    Past ratings also haunt me. I always go back and try to figure out what in the world I was thinking when I rated that. Over time, my standards for rating books has changed, so pretty much all of my old ratings are out-dated.
    Great list!
    Tessa recently posted Top Ten Tuesday | Bookish Problems that I Deal With Everyday

    1. Post author

      Hardcovers are really so much prettier than paperbacks most of the time! AND WHY DO COVERS DECEIVE US SO. I hate that I'm so prejudiced against a bad cover, whenever my friends talk about how much they loved a book but I don't like the cover I'm always reluctant to even consider the book. ):

      Yeah, my standards for rating books have definitely changed too! I'm trying to keep it as consistent as possible with my new blog and to really think hard about my rating each time so I won't question them as much in the future but I'm not sure whether that will really work out, haha.

    1. Post author

      I don't understand how I can feel so strongly about a book right after I finish it and be like THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER and then months later be like.... I don't remember anything about this book. I AM SO TERRIBLE.

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