Top Ten All-Time Favourite Books From the Past 3 Years

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1. The Secret History by Donna Tartt: BEST BOOK EVER HANDS DOWN. Is there any way I wouldn't love this? Classicists (and one of them queer, no less), intense friendships, Bacchic madness, characters who are all total assholes but utterly compelling. Dark, beautiful, heartbreaking. Exquisite prose.

2. The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst: The life of a gay man in 1980s Britiain, with commentary on class, politics, and sexuality. I don't know how Hollinghurst does it but reading his prose always feels so oddly intimate. Like he knows exactly what goes on in my head.

3. Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente: A fantasy based on Russian folklore and myth woven with Russian history. INCREDIBLE.

4. The Persian Boy by Mary Renault: Second book in a trilogy but stands completely fine on its own. Okay, so I know I've seen people flail and talk about how good The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is. I was really unhappy with a few things in that book, particularly Patroclus' characterisation, but I'm happy to see people interested in queer Ancient Greek stuff! So if you want something similar but, in my opinion, far better, read Mary Renault. I'm ashamed to admit that this and The Mask of Apollo are the only two books by hers I've read – I must read the other two books in the Alexander trilogy. But holy shit, The Persian Boy is good. Made me cry a lot kind of good. It's about Alexander the Great and a Persian eunuch called Bagoas and their love story, and it is searingly beautiful and the detail is astounding.

5. The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson: I actually still haven't read past the first three books but The Alloy of Law is sort of a separate thing, I guess. But the first three books – amazing. If you like fantasy you have to read this.

6. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor: I loved this series to death. It was five-star all the way through for me, and that's rare.

7. The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth: I have gushed about this book so much. It's honestly just so beautifully written and honest and authentic – it perfectly captures what it is like to be queer.

8. The Skyscraper Throne series by Tom Pollock: I still can't believe this series exists. Imaginative as hell urban fantasy set in London with a queer Pakistani Muslim girl as one of the main characters and an f/f romance? WHERE CAN I GET MORE BOOKS LIKE THESE.

9. Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill: HAVE I TALKED ABOUT THIS BOOK ENOUGH YET. Haunting, terrifying, brutal. Real insight into the way women are treated in society and the way it makes women treat themselves and each other. So awful and depressing and important.

10. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan: For a real breadth of queer teenager portrayals, this book wins. The problem with a lot of books is that if they only have one LGBTQ character, then it feels like a burden falls on them to be representative of far too much. But here we have quite a few gay teenagers, including a trans boy and a couple of PoCs, some of them happy and some of them not. This book was so terribly moving and I thought the chorus of dead gay men provided a fantastic perspective.

Well, is it surprising that most books on this list are queer in some way? Haha. I regret nothing.

Have you read any of the books on my list? What are some of your all-time favourites from the past couple of years? Feel free to link me to your TTTs!

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18 thoughts on “Top Ten All-Time Favourite Books From the Past 3 Years

  1. I've read two books that are on your list: The Secret History, The Daughter of Smoke & Bone series, and The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and I absolutely adored all three of them! None of them made it onto my list, sadly, but I'm glad you're giving them love <3

    I read The Secret History such a long time ago and I remember I loved it, but I really should pick it up for a reread!

    As for Mary Renault, The Last of the Wine has been on my shelf for a while and I can't wait to read that! (The Song of Achilles made it onto my list though..)

    You make me want to hurry up and pick up The Skyscraper Throne books!!
    Carola recently posted Top Ten Tuesday: Ten ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS

    1. Post author

      THE SECRET HISTORY IS AMAZING. I've really got to read The Goldfinch since I hear that is also amazing.

      The Last of the Wine looks so good! I hope you enjoy it! I should really read more of Renault's stuff.

      So, about The Song of Achilles... I actually enjoyed the book for the most part but Patroclus' characterisation bugged me so much I couldn't give it more than three stars. I've shipped Achilles/Patroclus for years, since before the book came out, and with The Song of Achilles, I just felt like I was reading some m/m romance that could be about any two guys instead of about Achilles and Patroclus specifically, I guess. I could rant about that book for days, but I'll spare you. >___>

  2. WHOOPS THERE GOES MY TBR. Actually I already have Deathless on there ha. AND ANCIENT GREEK MYTHOLOGY GIMME. I still have to read Song of Achilles and The Persian Boy, actually I haven't read much Greek Mythology in the first place. That needs to be fixed.

    AWESOME LIST. I approve of DoG&M and also The Hero of Ages even though I haven't read it yet. I mean I just finished Well of Ascension so it will happen soon :)
    Valerie recently posted Top Ten Tuesday #45

  3. Lots of interesting choices!! I have The Secret History and Deathless on my TBR list. I always see such good things being said about them, I'm curious!! I haven't been able to finish the Smoke & Bone series yet though I know I need to! I'm taking this year to delve more into fantasy so I should really put the Mistborn series on my list!! Great choices!!
    Alysia recently posted Top Ten All Time Favorite Books

  4. This is such an interesting list, and I have definitely added a few books to my TBR after this! :)
    I absolutely loved The Song of Achilles, so I think I need to check out the Alexander the Great trilogy very soon!

    I just bought (like five days ago) The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and Only Ever Yours - both books that I've had my eyes on for a long time, and I can't wait to read both of them. They are definitely high up on my To-Read list! :)

    Also, Two Boys Kissing is a book that I just NEED to read, I just need to get my hands on it one way or another!
    Lisa recently posted Review || To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

  5. DUDE. I LOVE THE SECRET HISTORY SFM. Like, it's similar to that show How to Get Away With Murder, but done 200% better! I'm such a sucker for secret clubs (which I know, is really an exclusive class) + the asshole characters. It's just so dark and so good. And I was just drinking in all of this in! I need more books like this!

    This means I really should pick Deathless up? (Since I do own it, lol.)
    Cee recently posted HOLY, MOTHER COVER! | Changes in Tease by Amanda Maciel

  6. Love this post! There are a few here that I've not heard about before, or have only heard of from you, that sound really good! Will have to keep an eye out for them! Alan Hollinghurst, Deathless, Tom Pollock... Need to give them a go!

    ONLY EVER YOURS! Is there a more perfect book?! :D
    Jo recently posted Review: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

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