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1) The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu: OH MY GOD THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE THING I AM MOST EXCITED FOR EVER. If I'd heard about this book earlier I'd have included it in my 'top ten 2015 debuts I'm most excited for' list at the beginning of this year. BECAUSE HOLY SHIT. Fantasy based on a period of Chinese history!!! 'A cross between the Iliad, Three Kingdoms and Lord of the Rings' (from this review)!!! Do you guys know how much I love the Iliad? I LOVE THE ILIAD. I cannot be more excited for this book if I tried.

2) Soundless by Richelle Mead: Jo @ Once Upon a Bookcase pointed this out to me on Twitter recently and I'm so glad she did! LOOK AT THAT AWESOME COVER. YESSSS FANTASY BASED ON CHINESE FOLKLORE. YES BEAUTIFUL CHINESE GIRL ON THE BOOK COVER. Gimme now.

3) Lizard Radio by Pat Schmatz: Gay YA recently did the cover reveal for this book and it got me really excited! It's coming out in September and it looks like it will be a really awesome book about gender identity!

4) The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch: Really, this book has been on my radar for ages now but I only added it to my TBR list on Goodreads very recently because I saw Amber & Tatum @ Books of Amber talk about how good this series is with female characters on Twitter. And that ALWAYS makes me interested in reading something, especially when it comes to fantasy because I am so wary of the majority of adult fantasy books out there.

5) Every Breath by Ellie Marney: With the third book in the trilogy coming out recently and everyone saying what a good series finale it is, I feel like it's safe to start reading this series!

6) A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall: Arghhhh this book sounds so delicious. It apparently features 'arranged gay political marriages with the use of surrogates, genderfluid nobles, a 50 year-old bisexual female anti-hero protagonist and a couple of multi-dimensional female "villains"' (from this review). If you read that sentence and you aren't excited for this book then I'm not sure what you're doing on this blog, haha.

7) Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor: THE WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE BOOK!! The cover was revealed recently and it just made me even more excited. I actually need to catch up on the podcast but omg omg omg I NEED THIS BOOK.

8) This Side of Home by Renée Watson: I really feel like this book needs more attention because there really aren't a whole lot of books with African-American protags, and the cover is awesome, and this is a book about gentrification!! I must find the time to read this at some point.

9) What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi: The premise is so fantastic! YA with a male protag who has to raise a baby on his own because his girlfriend died of cancer! I WANNA READ THIS SO MUCH.

10) A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge: After I finished reading The Lie Tree by Hardinge, which is coming out in May, I was like OMG FRANCES HARDINGE IS AWESOME I MUST READ ALL HER BOOKS so this ended up on my TBR list. Seriously, Frances Hardinge is awesome and you must read all her books too.

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13 thoughts on “Ten Books I Recently Added to My TBR

  1. I can totally attest to how incredibly awesome Every Breath is!! I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I need to next books in the series so so badly. XD And I'm kind of relieved they're all out, because I can descend on them and read them in a rush now. XD hehe. Ahhh, I need to look up SO MAN Y OF THESE. A Crown for Cold Silver sounds, um, amazing. And I'm so intrigued about The Grace of the Kings now!
    *runs for goodreads*
    Here's my TTT!
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  2. What a fantastic list, Cynthia! Thanks for mentioning me - Soundless sounds awesome, doesn't it! OMG, A Crown for Cold Silver!!! What You Left Behind!!! Both sound amazing, and I loved Verdi's The Summer I Wasn't Me, so I'm looking forward to this one! Radio Lizard sounds interesting too! Thank you for sharing! :)
    Jo recently posted Review: Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz

  3. THERE IS A WELCOME TO NIGHTVALE BOOK WHAT? WHY WAS I NEVER TOLD THIS. Anyways, I'm really interested in Lizard Radio, BECAUSE THAT COVER. I will have to check that out. Also, The Grace of Kings? CHINESE HISTORY? FANTASY? Why have I not heard of this...

    You have some amazing books on here Cynthia!
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