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Hi! My name is Cynthia. Welcome to my blog!

If you're here, I guess you want to learn a bit more about me? I was born and grew up in Hong Kong, then I started studying in a boarding school in England at the age of 11. I still live in Hong Kong and return there frequently, but I'm now studying Classics at the University of Oxford. It's a lot of work, but I do enjoy it (... most of the time!). I'm 21 years old, which is a fact I find impossible to believe... Perhaps that's why I still read so much YA.

Or wait, that's just because YA is awesome! I love YA because it's where all the fun stuff about identity and family and friendship is, and I love seeing all the LGBTQ content that's growing in YA these days. I'm bisexual, and when I was just entering teenagehood (?), there wasn't a whole lot of LGBTQ YA available. But I read what I could find. David Levithan was pretty much my YA god as a teenager. There's a lot more stuff now, and I love reading it and falling in love with it so I can gush about it to other people and make everyone read it. Diversity in literature is just something that matters to me a lot in general, as a bisexual Chinese woman. Interesting and fully fleshed-out LGBTQ and PoC characters are my favourite things to read about. (Even better, queer PoCs!) I also love books with well-written female characters and female friendships.

My favourite genre, both within and outside of YA, is fantasy. I like how imaginative it is. I like reading about whole new worlds with their intricate histories and stories and myths and religions, and magic and fantastical creatures and places where things work a little differently from our world, and seeing how some things just don't really change, no matter where you are.

I used to blog at Jellyfish Reads, but I stopped and moved here because I got too stressed out about the standard I was setting myself with that blog. I was reading and reviewing more books than I actually really had the time for, and I found myself wanting to just forget about the whole enterprise. So I did, for a while, but then I still wanted to read books and blog about them. So this blog came into existence, and it's meant to be a much more relaxed space for me.

What do I do when I'm not reading, blogging, translating ancient texts, or writing essays? I watch quite a lot of anime, and my favourite TV shows at the moment are Elementary and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You might also catch me listening to Welcome to Night Vale. (It's either that, or Taylor Swift.)

I love talking to people, so do come say hi!

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  1. Amanda

    I'm 30 and I still read YA books! I'm not sure its something you really have to grow out of....the genre is so diverse now, and ever expanding. Well, I am a YA Librarian, so maybe I have a small bias, but oh well. Love your blog!

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