Keep It Queer

keep it queerMy original Keep It Queer feature, where I ramble about being queer. And also about queer books. As if I don't already talk about LGBTQ books all the time! This feature is meant to demonstrate the importance of diversity in books. Please do come and share your own experiences with me!

New posts go up every other Monday. All posts are under the Keep It Queer tag.

List of posts so far

How My Love Affair with LGBTQ YA Started: In which I explain the reasons behind this feature, and reveal how I started reading LGBTQ YA and why it's always been and always will be so important to me.

When Things You Really Don’t Expect To Be Queer End Up Queer: In which I talk about the series finale of the Legend of Korra and why Korra and Asami mean so much to me.

On Bisexuality: In which I talk about the portrayal of bisexuality in YA books.

Coming OutIn which I talk about the difficulties and intricacies of coming out and how it isn't just a one-time event.

LGBTQ History Month: In which I talk about books and films that deal with LGBTQ history, because it's LGBTQ history month in the UK!

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