Top Ten Books I’d Love to Read with My Book Club (If I Had One)

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I must admit, I found this week's topic really difficult. I've never had a book club! I don't know what I'd want to read with a book club. What kind of book club would I like? I thought about it for ages and then I thought... I guess I should have a LGBTQ YA book club! So here we are. LGBTQ YA book club time.

Three Books I Haven't Read Yet

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So... These three are queer YA books that I've been planning to read for ages but haven't yet managed to get round to. I think if I had an LGBTQ YA book club to kick me into reading these books I would definitely finally read them and probably enjoy them a lot! Thankfully, Cayce put up a post for people who are looking for someone to buddy read LGBTQ books with! So maybe I finally get round to reading at least one or two of these.

1) Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block: A semi-retelling of the Odyssey?? This just sounds really bizarre and beautiful and awesome and BISEXUAL CONTENT?? YAY.


3) More Than This by Patrick Ness: Okay so I'm curious about this book because I still haven't managed to work out what it's about. It sounds really weird. I LOVE WEIRD.

Four Recent Reads

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Books I read in the past year that I would love to discuss with other people!

4) Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill: Okay, this is the book that most deserves to be on this list because I read it mid last year and I have not been able to stop talking about this book or thinking about how amazing this book was. I CAN'T STOP. It was horrific and chilling and beautiful and I would actually love to read this with an LGBTQ book club to discuss what we think of the LGBTQ aspects of the story! BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE I VIEW THIS AS A F/F LOVE STORY AND I FEEL LIKE NOBODY ELSE DOES?? But even so, the exploration of LGBTQ issues in this story was fascinating.

5) Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz: AHHH THIS COMES OUT IN MARCH AND YOU ALL NEED TO READ IT. BISEXUAL MC. BISEXUAL MC WHO SAYS SHE'S BISEXUAL!!! AND TALKS ABOUT WHAT THAT'S LIKE!!! It's distressingly good. I want more YA books with bisexual MCs who are so frank and open about their sexuality.

6) Solitaire by Alice Oseman: Okay, so this only has a gay side character, but I found that side character fascinating and I had trouble working out how I actually feel about a lot of this book so I would love to read it with other people and talk about it!

7) The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth: FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS OKAY. And I wanna talk about how amazing it is all day long.

Three Old Favourites

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Old favourites! From before 2012. Which feels like forever ago. I'd love to reread these to see whether I'll still love them as much I did the first time round.

8) Sprout by Dale Peck: A gay teen who is trying to enter a writing competition! AHHHHH I LOVED THIS BOOK AND ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO KNOW ABOUT IT. I thought this was absolutely exquisite and it slew me when I read it. I thought it was pretty much the best LGBTQ book ever. I've read so many more now I'm not sure whether it can still contend for the top spot, so maybe a reread is in order. And also PUSHING OTHER PEOPLE TO READ THIS GODDAMN BOOK.

9) Huntress by Malinda Lo: Asian-inspired fantasy with lesbians. OF COURSE I LOVED IT.

10) Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan: One of Levithan's less well-known works and actually what used to be my favourite work by him before I read Two Boys Kissing. The lives of three teenagers in NYC in the aftermath of 9/11.

Do you actually have a book club? What's your book club like if you have one? And link me to your TTT posts! :D

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18 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’d Love to Read with My Book Club (If I Had One)

    1. Post author

      Gay YA ( does a book of the month and a Twitter chat towards the end of each month to discuss the book! I just haven't been able to participate so far, but I'm really hoping I can join in at some point! But I was sort of thinking about starting one of my own... Not right now though since life is pretty hectic, but maybe at some point! :D But if you want to start one then you should totally do it. :)

    1. Post author

      I know, reviews for Love in the Time of Global Warming are pretty mixed! But I have a feeling it's the kind of book I would like? I hope? I don't know, haha. I hope I can get some time to read it soon!

    1. Post author

      I've read both and loved them! :D :D I mentioned Far From You in my Keep It Queer post on bisexuality since I thought it was a really great novel but, like Tess Sharpe herself mentioned once, she regretted not having Sophie state outright in the book that she was bisexual -- and it's true, I've read pretty much all the mainstream YA books with bisexual MCs that there are (only missing one or two) and in none of them does a character actually say "I'm bi". But the MC in Not Otherwise Specified does and it's absolutely glorious.

  1. We have Proxy on sale at work, I didn't realise it was LGBTQ, it doesn't seem so from the blurb. Might have to look into it further. It is bad that I'm put off of all Block's books because of disliking one of them? I don't like her writing style. I've never read anything by Ness, I really should though. I don't know much about More Than This, but for some reason, I feel meh about it :/

    Only Ever Yours is on mine too! Such a great book! I think there is a LGBTQ aspect to it. I know friends will go through a lot for each other, but the feel to frieda and isabel's relationship feels like more to me, especially at the end, when you find out what isabel put up with for the sake of freida. That feels like more to me.

    LOVED Cameron Post! This would be a brilliant one to discuss because of that dreadful school, for want of a better word. Made my blood boil. Have you read The Summer I Wasn't Me by Jessica Verdi? It deals with a similar subject, but in a completely different way. Still made me mad, though. Really want to read Not Otherwise Specified!! How have you got a copy already?! So jealous!

    I really loved Sprout! It's such a cute story, though sad too! :( I've not yet read Love is the Higher Law, but I might have to pick it up sooner than I was going to simply because of what you said here. I thought the 9/11 thing might bring me down a bit, but if you say it was your favourite, I've got to give it a go!

    Great picks, Cynthia!
    Jo recently posted Top Ten Books I'd Love To Read If I Had a Book Club

    1. Post author

      Yep, Proxy is LGBTQ! The reason I learnt about that book was LGBT Month last year. I think one of the MCs is gay? I don't really know all that much about it either. I've never read anything by Block, so I have no idea what her writing style is like, but I see that reviews are pretty mixed – but I kind of think her style is the kinda thing I'd be into! I don't know until I read it though. More Than This just seems like a complete mystery. The blurb doesn't say much, and everyone seems to say that the book is a bit confusing, but apparently it's good to go into the book knowing as little as possible? I am determined to read it to know what the big fuss is about though.

      Yeah, and with all the talk of female aberrants and stuff, I can't help but think that that is what Freida and Isabel are.

      I haven't read The Summer I Wasn't Me. I heard a lot of conflicting things about that book and particularly about some tough subject matter that wasn't handled well in the book, so I've decided to avoid it. I got a copy of Not Otherwise Specified off Edelweiss halfway through last year!! I only just got round to reading it, terrible me, I can't believe I waited that long because I love it.

      YOU'VE READ SPROUT!! EXCELLENT. It was really sad. ): I don't know anybody else who has read Sprout but since you have I thought I might share that after I read Sprout, the song The Woods by Stars became my theme song for that book because of how much time Sprout spent in the woods with Ty. I don't really remember that book very well but that song will always remind me of that book. Love is the Higher Law is a pretty optimistic and hopeful read, if I remember correctly! Shouldn't be too depressing.

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  3. I have read Proxy (and it was AMAZING, don't think I'm ready for the sequel though...) and More Than This (I'm one those who didn't really "get" this book so it was a pretty frustrating experience, but well it happens...), and I NEED to read Not Otherwise Specified :)

    Oh, I didn't know Only Ever Yours has LGBTQ aspects... interesting. I do know about Sprout, but yeaaah, have yet to read it.

    And an LGBT YA book club sounds super fun!! I try to make my challenge more like a book club and less like a, well, CHALLENGE, so readalongs might happen in the future... :)
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    1. Post author

      YAY, you loved Proxy! More Than This does sound really confusing and weird, I'm worried I won't get it either, but I've ordered a copy now and hopefully I'll like it!

      Yes, Only Ever Yours does have LGBTQ aspects where they actually discuss homosexuality but whether the two female characters are in love with each other is kind of up to the reader's interpretation. I definitely think they are and I think the author also thinks they are since she's tweeted some things to that effect, but it's not like, definitively stated in the text or anything. Though I think it should be obvious to everyone, really. :P YOU SHOULD READ SPROUT. I think you'd probably like it!

      YAY READALONGS. I'm excited! Is LGBT April going to happen again this year?

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