Queer YA Scrabble: Interview with A. R. Kahler

Queer YA Scrabble


Martyr by A. R. Kahler

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Three years have passed since magic destroyed the world.

Those who remain struggle to survive the monsters roaming the streets, fighting back with steel and magic—the very weapons that birthed the Howls in the first place.

Tenn is one such Hunter, a boy with the ability to harness the elements through ancient runes. For years, the Hunters have used this magic to keep the monsters at bay, but it's never been enough to truly win the war. Humans are losing.

When Tenn falls prey to an incubus named Tomás and his terrifying Kin, Tenn learns there's more to this than a fight for survival. He's a pawn in a bigger game, one with devastating consequences. If he doesn't play his part, it could cost him his life, his lover and his world.

Let's welcome A. R. Kahler, the wonderful author of Martyr, to the blog to answer some questions!

A R Kahler
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1. What inspired you to write Martyr?

I began writing Martyr nearly a decade ago. Honestly, it started at a lunch table with friends, talking about an evil necromancer and his cuddly-cute demonic familiar. That vein of storyline dropped, but I stayed in that world and kept brainstorming and rewriting drafts. It morphed into something completely different--a dark, urban fantasy set in an apocalyptic world with fierce magic and fiercer monsters. So it's hard to say why I wrote it. I just couldn't leave the world.

2. There’s quite a lack of LGBT genre fiction. Can you recommend any good LGBT YA for readers who liked Martyr?

Eesh, this is hard. I honestly haven't read much LGBT genre fiction. The two that come to mind right now are ASH by Malindo Lo and WITCH EYES by Scott Tracy. Hmm....

3. What can readers expect in the sequel to Martyr?

A long wait! We have no idea when the sequel will be out. But, once it's out there, readers can expect a whole new side of this world, as well as a new, sizzling cast of characters. If MARTYR is dark and nostalgic, MENDER is fiery and revolutionary. Lots of fun surprises in store.

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